Mobile App for Diabete Management
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GluCalc is a mobile app designed for diabetic patients and their family members. Its main objective is to ease the tasks at mealtime. GluCalc is available on IOS platform (Iphone, Ipod, Ipad) in three different languages (english, french and german).

The foods database, that everyone can customize, allows GluCalc to compute the sum of carbohydrates for a meal. With this result, GluCalc determines the necessary quantity of insulin based on the user's personal parameters. (The correction factor or correction dose method is used).

GluCalc key differentiating features are :
  • a personal foods database
  • a tailored computation of insulin quantity for meals
  • foods import and export
  • sending meal composition and diary by email or short message
  • management of different blood glucose units of measurement (mmol/l, mg/l, g/l)

Time saved on computations allows to preserve a pleasant atmosphere during meals and to maintain a rich and diversified diet without compromising on therapeutic goals. GluCalc's ease of use offers to kids and teens a tool to increase their autonomy and motivation in diabetes management.